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Assignment Details

Week 7 You Choose Part 2 Writing Assignment
Choose a different type of writing from the previous choices (narrative, persuasive, informational, technical). Example: If you did narrative last week, this week you can technical. After you have watched the video choose one and complete the assignment that goes with that particular writing (See links below).
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Words of the Week


Find the part of speech, definition, synonym, antonym for each word, and create a sentence using Words of the Week

  • Epidemic, Pandemic
  • Moral, Resolute
  • Discombobulated, Allegory
  • Enforce, Folly
  • Valid, Jovial
  • Surreal, Thesis
  • Bias, Appositive
  • Rebuttal, Embroiled
  • Credible, Nuance
  • Erudite, Veracity
  • Quid pro quo, Allusion
  • Immerse, Sensory
  • Affect, Effect
  • Skulduggery, Livid
  • Fallacy, Pellucidly
  • Inducted, Obsequious
  • Narrative, Courage
  • Synonyms, Antonyms