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Assignment Details

Poetry Slam
It's that time of the year. If you are interested in participating in the "Poetry Slam, No Place for Hate," please see the link below (2020 Poetry Slam Directions). Also, below is a link to a sample video of a Muslim girl and a Jewish girls' poetry slam.
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2020 Poetry Slam Directions
Download / Review
Muslim girl and a Jewish girl poetry slam

Words of the Week


Find the part of speech, definition, synonym, antonym for each word, and create a sentence using Words of the Week

  • Epidemic, Pandemic
  • Moral, Resolute
  • Discombobulated, Allegory
  • Enforce, Folly
  • Valid, Jovial
  • Surreal, Thesis
  • Bias, Appositive
  • Rebuttal, Embroiled
  • Credible, Nuance
  • Erudite, Veracity
  • Quid pro quo, Allusion
  • Immerse, Sensory
  • Affect, Effect
  • Skulduggery, Livid
  • Fallacy, Pellucidly
  • Inducted, Obsequious
  • Narrative, Courage
  • Synonyms, Antonyms