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Take pride in your work

Assignment Details

Rising 8th graders
The 8th grade RELA teachers are interested in trying to build a little bit of a community over the summer. Therefore, they would like to invite you to join a Teams group that will be focused around 8th grade reading and ELA teachers sharing book talks and first chapter Friday read-alouds all summer long. Click on the Rising 8th graders link for the form to be invited to the Teams group if you are interested in joining.
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Rising 8th Graders

Words of the Week


Find the part of speech, definition, synonym, antonym for each word, and create a sentence using Words of the Week

  • Epidemic, Pandemic
  • Moral, Resolute
  • Discombobulated, Allegory
  • Enforce, Folly
  • Valid, Jovial
  • Surreal, Thesis
  • Bias, Appositive
  • Rebuttal, Embroiled
  • Credible, Nuance
  • Erudite, Veracity
  • Quid pro quo, Allusion
  • Immerse, Sensory
  • Affect, Effect
  • Skulduggery, Livid
  • Fallacy, Pellucidly
  • Inducted, Obsequious
  • Narrative, Courage
  • Synonyms, Antonyms