Fifth Period Assignments

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Fifth Period Assignments

Title Description Due Date Section
Time Capsule - 7th Grade Class of 2025 2020 Quarantine Photos and Videos - Click on links below to view what your peers were doing during quarantine. Enjoy! Have a great summer! ...more 05/22/2020
Week 9 Instructions Please select the link below and read the instructions carefully and thoroughly. ...more 05/18/2020
Poetry Slam It's that time of the year. If you are interested in participating in the "Poetry Slam, No Place for Hate," please see the link below (2020 Poetry Slam Directions). Also, below is a link to a sample video of a Muslim girl and a Jewish girls' poetry slam. ...more 05/13/2020
Week 8 Instructions Click this assignment and open the document attached. Read everything thoroughly. This is voluntary. ...more 05/11/2020
Rising 8th graders The 8th grade RELA teachers are interested in trying to build a little bit of a community over the summer. Therefore, they would like to invite you to join a Teams group that will be focused around 8th grade reading and ELA teachers sharing book talks and first chapter Friday read-alouds all summer long. Click on the Rising 8th graders link for the form to be invited to the Teams group if you are interested in joining. ...more 05/11/2020
iReady 45 minutes of iReady for the week 5/04/2020. This is NOT optional. ...more 05/04/2020 Progress Report
Week 7 You Choose Part 2 Writing Assignment Choose a different type of writing from the previous choices (narrative, persuasive, informational, technical). Example: If you did narrative last week, this week you can technical. After you have watched the video choose one and complete the assignment that goes with that particular writing (See links below). ...more 05/04/2020 Formative
Week 6 You Choose Writing Assignment 1) Read the instructions carefully (see instructions link below). 2) Review Week 6 You Choose One pdf (see link below). 3) Watch all the teacher's examples. 4) Choose one type of writing to do (narrative, persuasive, informational, technical). 5) Follow the teacher's instructions for that assignment. 6) If you choose a writing assignment, submit via Microsoft Forms (see link below). If you choose a video format assignment, submit via Flipgrid. Time limit on Flipgrid is 1 1/2 minutes. ...more 04/27/2020 Formative
Week 5 Poetry Imitation 8 Poets OL Make sure that you read the instructions carefully (Link: Week 5 Poets Instruction). Please see the link to the 8 poets (Link: Poet Study Week 5). YOU NEED TO BE SIGNED INTO YOUR MICROSOFT ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO SEE THE STREAM VIDEOS. Enter your work in Microsoft forms (See link below). ...more 04/20/2020 Formative
Poetry Week of April 13 Please see links below: instructions and information on poetry. Make sure that you review the Poetry PPT before you begin the assignment (see link below). READ the instructions carefully (see link below). Complete the assignment in Microsoft Forms (see link below). Take your time and do excellent work. ...more 04/13/2020 Formative
Week 3 Poetry, "The Highwayman" Please make sure you look at (1) link to detailed assignment instructions (2) link to prezi on “Elements of Poetry” (3) link to "The Highwayman Animated" (4) In illuminate, read the narrative poem, “The Highwayman” and answer the comprehension questions. Please answer the questions in complete sentences and use the RACE strategy. Read the questions carefully and thoroughly. ...more 03/30/2020 Formative
Week 2 Poetry: "The Listener" and "Annabel Lee" 1) Watch BrainPop video on Poetry. (See link below)2) Watch You Tube video "Poetry Terms and Figurative Language." (See link below) 3) Illuminate: Week 2 - March 23-27 "The Listener" ELA read the poem and complete the reading comprehension questions. 4) Illuminate: Week 2 - March 23-27 "Annabel Lee" ELA, read the poem and complete the reading comprehension questions. 5)See RTMS7ELA Week 2 assignment link for more details. ...more 03/23/2020 Formative
iReady 45 minutes of iReady week of 03/16/2020 ...more 03/16/2020 Progress Report
Week 1 Teleschool "Three Skeleton Key" 1) Read “Three Skeleton Key.” You can listen to a reading of the story by clicking the "Three Skeleton Key" button below. 2) Go to Illuminate and complete the reading comprehension questions for “Three Skeleton Key.” 3) Create an alternate ending starting at the climax of the story in Illuminate. Please note that a written version of "Three Skeleton Key" is also available in Illuminate above the comprehension questions. ...more 03/16/2020 Formative
Common Formative Quiz Reading, vocabulary and comprehension quiz on elements of short story (plot, conflict, theme, characters, point of view, setting) and perspective. You will be given a passage to read, then you will answer the questions below the text. ...more 03/04/2020 Formative
Argumentative Essay Choose a new argumentative essay topic. Write an argumentative essay; make sure to follow the structure: introduction, body paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and conclusion. See detailed rubric attached and How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Boxes & Bullets strategy. ...more 02/13/2020 Summative
Argumentative Quiz Make-up Student will have to identify one or more of the argumentative vocabulary words in an argumentative essay. This will show an understanding of the components of an argumentative essay. (Claim, counterclaim, bias, valid, evidence, rebuttal, credible, reason) ...more 02/11/2020 Formative
Argumentative Quiz Student will have to identify one or more of the argumentative vocabulary words in an argumentative essay. This will show an understanding of the components of an argumentative essay. (Claim, counterclaim, bias, valid, evidence, rebuttal, credible, reason) ...more 02/03/2020 Formative
Argumentative Writing Vocabulary quiz Claim, Counterclaim, Rebuttal, Bias, Valid, Credible, Reason, Evidence ...more 01/17/2020 Formative
Argumentative Debate Do this assignment in your research notebook. Your work should be neat and clean. If you do not have good penmanship, you may type your assignment and glue, or staple, or tape your work in your research notebook. Download Argumentative Requirements document below. ...more 01/14/2020 Formative
Research Project Option 1: TED Talk; Option 2: Tri-Fold; Option 3: Magazine ...more 12/13/2019 Summative
IXL Prefixes Suffixes P1 - P8 7th Grade ...more 11/08/2019 Formative
Book cover for your story Cover should have title of your story, original picture that represents your narrative, and the author's name. Also, include a summary of your story. ...more 10/31/2019 Summative
Narrative in any genre 1. Choose one of the pictures provided as either your protagonist or antagonist. Create character traits. 2. Your story should have all the elements of a short story, dialogue, characterization, and figurative language. Include at least 3 of the Words of the Week in your story. ...more 10/30/2019 Summative
Unit Test Elements of a Short Story, Characterization, Plot Development, Author's Perspective, Theme ...more 10/22/2019 Summative
Realistic Fiction (Exposition) Exposition: Characters, Setting, Introduction of Conflict. Include Dialogue, and Figurative Language. Should be at least one page, no more that 2 pages. ...more 10/04/2019 Summative

Words of the Week


Find the part of speech, definition, synonym, antonym for each word, and create a sentence using Words of the Week

  • Epidemic, Pandemic
  • Moral, Resolute
  • Discombobulated, Allegory
  • Enforce, Folly
  • Valid, Jovial
  • Surreal, Thesis
  • Bias, Appositive
  • Rebuttal, Embroiled
  • Credible, Nuance
  • Erudite, Veracity
  • Quid pro quo, Allusion
  • Immerse, Sensory
  • Affect, Effect
  • Skulduggery, Livid
  • Fallacy, Pellucidly
  • Inducted, Obsequious
  • Narrative, Courage
  • Synonyms, Antonyms